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Restaurants & Dining Options

  • Aquatica Orlando Mango Market
    All-Day Dining Deal

    Mango Market

    Located next to Kata’s Kookaburra Cove.

  • Waterfront Grill at Aquatica Orlando
    All-Day Dining Deal

    Waterstone Grill

    Located near the park entrance across from Kiwi Traders.

  • Walkabout Pizza at Aquatica Orlando
    All-Day Dining Deal

    New! Walkabout Pizza

    This delicious destination located next to our fun-filled Walkabout Waters play area is sure to be popular with anyone in need of a tasty break

  • Kuras Beachside Panini at Aquatica Orlando
    All-Day Dining Deal

    New! Kura's Beachside Panini

    A selection of delicious sandwiches including Cuban, Turkey Panini, Chicken Pesto Panini, Caprese Panini. Also served are fountain drinks, and packaged beer, seltzers, sangria, and wine.

  • Papas Cantina at Aquatica Orlando
    All-Day Dining Deal

    Papa's Cantina

    Choose from a variety of empanadas, along with boneless wings to dip into delicious sauce flavors. Located across the beach next to Motu's Beach Bar.

  • KeRes Bar at Aquatica Orlando

    Ke-Re's Bar

    Located next to Riptide Race.

  • Kiwi Market at Aquatica Orlando

    Kiwi Market

    Located across from Waterstone Grill and Kiwi Traders.

  • Motus Beach Bar at Aquatica Orlando

    Motu's Beach Bar

    Located on the beach across from Kiwi Traders and Waterstone Grill.

  • Banana Beach at Aquatica Orlando
    All-Day Dining Deal

    Banana Beach Cookout

    Located next to the entrance of Loggerhead Lane.
    Open Seasonally

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