Tassies Underwater Twist at Aquatica Orlando

All-New Tassie’s Underwater Twist – Now Open

Come Experience Florida’s Most Immersive Waterslide!

Get ready for a stunning new twist on waterslide thrills. Take the plunge into an incredible aquatic setting just below the surface of the ocean, where the landscape blooms with lush yellow-green seagrass of Australia’s Shark Bay. Keep an eye out and you might just spy a school of fish grazing in the meadow! This is the All-New Tassie’s Underwater Twist, an exhilarating journey into a world of watery wonders set to an inspiring musical score. Start making plans to drop into the vivid new adventure of Florida’s most immersive water slide, now open only at Aquatica Orlando.

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  1. Thrill Level
    Family Thrill
  2. Height Requirement
    Under 48" require a lifejacket


Riders under 48 inches (1.22m) tall must wear a life vest and be able to maintain proper riding position unassisted in a double tube. Maximum operational load: single riders 300 pounds (136kg), double riders 400 pounds (182kg). Maximum water depth is 3 feet 6 inches (1.07m).

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