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Zippity Zappity

Body slides designed with our smaller guests in mind. These slides end in the Slippity Dippity® pools. Riders must be under 48" to ride.

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    Play Area
  • Child Friendly
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    Kid Friendly

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  • Guests will need to be able to position themselves appropriately on the slide and exit the pool. Guests may need assistance from a member of their party to complete this process. Riders must be under 48 inches to ride.

    In order to access Zippity Zappity, guests must meet the following criteria:

    • Ability to maintain the proper riding position throughout the ride
    • Ability to hold on with one functioning arm
    • Ability to brace self with one functioning leg
    • Control of upper torso – including head and neck
    • Ability to enter and exit without endangering self or others
    • Appropriate observed conduct

    Pad required for wrist or forearm casts and exposed metal on prosthetic devices.