Flamingos at Aquatica San Diego

Animals at Aquatica San Diego

Flamingos and Freshwater Turtles

Come face-to-feather with beautiful flamingos and watch graceful freshwater turtles glide through the water.

  • Freshwater Turtles at Aquatica San Diego

    Freshwater Turtles

    Some turtles swim in the sea, but these ones live in freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. In fact, more than 55 freshwater turtle species live throughout the United States. Although they spend most of their time in the water, they can be seen soaking up the sun on rocks or logs.

    Most of the freshwater turtles at Aquatica San Diego are red-eared sliders. Some of the turtles at Aquatica were rescued and cared for by the San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society. They suffered injuries when they ventured too close to a road or were abandoned by their owners. When considering a turtle for a pet, please be sure you can provide the proper home and care for these delicate reptiles.

  • Flamingos at Aquatica San Diego


    Flamingos are uniquely designed birds. Their lengthy legs allow them to easily wade in muddy or sandy lakes and lagoons. The bend in the middle of the leg, which most would assume is the knee, is actually the ankle. Knees are much closer to the body. Flamingos frequently stand on one leg to keep the tucked foot warm and conserve body heat.

    Did you know? Flamingos are not born with their vivid pink coloration. Newly hatched chicks are covered with gray or white down feathers and acquire their pink adult plumage after about three years. The algae and various invertebrates that make up a flamingo’s diet are rich in the pigments that contribute to their coloration.

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